Wednesday, 10 March 2010

All by myself

K is A Big Boy Now, and can Do Things Himself. That seems to be the message he's sending us nowadays, anyway. He's keen to do things as the big people do, whether it be holding chopsticks at mealtimes, drinking from a proper glass, or getting himself dressed.

This is all accompanied by not wanting people to do things for him. Actually, not 'people' - me. H, H's mum and the staff at the nursery can all change K's nappy or clothes, wash his hands and face or put him to bed with the minimum of fuss. Hmmm....

K has also renounced things he deems babyish, most notably the high chair. He can reach the table quite easily when he kneels on the normal dining chairs, and I'm not concerned about him falling off. The only reason I'm sad to see the high chair go is that it kept him in one place.

Have a look at these pictures from dinner the other night. They're not great photos, but you might notice something interesting...

The eagle-eyed among you (at least, those who have been to our house) may have spotted that K is sitting in a different seat in each shot. Yes, meal times have turned into Musical Chairs at the monkey household. If H or I get up for some reason, K rushes to steal our place. And if there isn't as much movement as he would like, K comes over and tries to push me off my chair, while telling me 'bye-bye'...

All of which generally results in something like this:


  1. He's hit the terrible twos, best of luck.

  2. I bet you have moments where you are nostalgic for the times he couldn't yet walk...