Saturday, 20 March 2010

The week that was

The good...

... a somewhat impromptu visit from Katherine; lunch with her and Cian; having Nico back in Japan; H having a day off on Thursday (and another lunch out); lovely warm weather yesterday and today; finally finishing that zippered pouch for Lisa

The bad...

... a strange little cold that knocked me out for a day or two and left me with a cough and very little voice; bitterly cold weather at the start of the week; a courtesy car that stank of cigarettes - when I switched on the fan it was as if someone was blowing smoke right at me!

And the as-yet-undecided...

... a wedding reception tomorrow evening - I don't know the bride and don't really know the groom that well, I'll be going alone and won't know many of the guests and I'll be paying 5,000 yen for it all. Ah well, it's a chance to dress up :-)

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