Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Winter already?

Autumn around here is lovely. I've been meaning to take some pictures and write about the beautiful autumn leaves, warm, sunny days and crisp fresh air - but somehow I haven't quite got around to it. Then, as soon as we hit November - wintery! Sunday and Monday were horrible dark, rainy, windy days and we needed to put the heating on. Yesterday was still cold, but it was at least sunny and bright. And look what I spotted! The first snow on nearby Mount Daisen. I'm sure it's much earlier than usual. Daisen is the biggest mountain in Western Japan and has a lovely mountain-drawn-by-a-small-child look. It's about the same height as Ben Nevis (around 18oo metres?) but much easier to climb because you can drive about half way up.

Actually though, I've never climbed it, despite living here for years.Don't tell anyone...

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