Saturday, 14 November 2009


Lately we have been having real autumn weather - sunny, warm days with cold nights alternating with wet and windy days when it never seems to get completely light. On the good days we've been making the most of it by spending a lot of time at our nearby park.

K is big enough to actually do a lot of things there now, and this park has lots of things to entertain even the littlest ones. The other day he went down this slide all by himself for the first time, which led to many, many repeat performances.

The maze is one of my favourites...

These pictures were taken last Friday in the mid-afternoon, when we went to the park after realising that K was not going to have a nap. We've had a lot of those days in the last couple of weeks... It did mean that we had the park pretty much all to ourselves though, since everyone else was either still at school or having a nap (grrr...).

This yellow hill is great. The surface is very dense foam, making it a bit spongey and bouncy. K needs help to walk up it (hey, so do I sometimes...) but he goes down the slide alone. There are four tunnels leading into the centre of the hill and after going through them with me a few times he now does that on his own too.

One of the tunnels connects to this:

K needs to hold onto something, usually my hand, to make it up and down the slopes but he's getting more and more confident all the time.

There are also some spring-mounted-animals (?) that K loves to rock back and forth on, especially the dolphin. We have a rocking horse at home too and he's very into that sort of thing at the moment. The jury's still out on the swings though; he usually looks a bit worried while swinging, but then wants to do it again as soon as he gets down...

It looked pretty grey when I got up this morning but now, at just after 8, the sun is peeping through the clouds and I see blue sky. Another park day?

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