Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Don't go eating them all at once!

When you were little, were you the type to scoff all your Christmas chocolates by Boxing Day evening? Or were you the one eeking them out until Easter? I was, and still am, definitely an eeker. A couple of weeks ago we finally opened a box of biscuits that Mum and Dad had brought over with them in the middle of September. I'd been saving them, and looking forward to them - Tesco's Finest Half Coated Chocolate Brazil Nut Cookies. Yum, right?

In the box, a measly 8 biscuits. Oh well, never mind. And here they are (notice anything odd?):

The 4 still in the box, yup, fine. But look at the ones on the plates! 2 are only half half-coated (quarter-coated?) with chocolate, one is 3/4 half-coated (3/8 coated I suppose...) and the other one is not chocolate coated in any fraction at all!

So now I'm thinking of writing a disgruntled e-mail to Mr Tesco. You never know, I might be able to wrangle some freebies! What do you think - a natural response, or have I truly become A Grumpy Old Woman?

(and yes, I really did once manage to make my Christmas chocolate last until Easter...)

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