Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Daddy took us to the zoo yesterday! (sort of...)

Monday was a public holiday here, and a bright and sunny one at that. We 3, plus Uncle H, headed up Mount Daisen to a little petting zoo there. K loves spotting cats and dogs when we're out and about, but he's not too keen on dogs barking or getting too close. I thought we'd just look in at the animals from outside the enclosures....

I was wrong!

Yup, that's K feeding a kangaroo. I couldn't get over how completely unafraid K was!

(And doesn't it look like they're in someone's garden?)

For the goat/sheep/pot-bellied pig enclosure we stayed on the outside though. I'm wary enough of goats for the both of us.

After watching the pig racing, we went and met some guinea pigs and rabbits. K fancied playing with a little black rabbit, but it just wouldn't let him catch it. The guinea pigs though were easier to corner:

We also saw a llama, some hens and a strange-looking giant rodent apparently called a mara, or Patagonian hare. The most popular section at this place though is the dog enclosure. I'm not a huge dog fan, especially in large numbers, but these guys were incredibly quiet and docile, just lying around in the sun. I even wondered if they'd been doped...

Not a single one barked or jumped up, so K was quite happy trotting around after the few that were actually moving...

All in all, a nice, relaxing, low-key day out.

And I still can't get over that kangaroo-feeding...

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  1. Still not a fan of goats eh? Is that due to the one we had, that knocked you down when you were little??

    Dianes sis