Monday, 9 November 2009

Out and about

Normal autumn weather has returned and we headed up to Mount Daisen on Saturday. There was still some of that early, unseasonal snow on the very top of the mountain and by the sides of the roads, but the day was very warm and sunny with temperatures in the mid-20s.

I'd seen a flyer for an interesting-looking 'Burger Festival' being held that day on Daisen, so we went to check it out. The flyer promised lots of unusual and tasty-looking burgers to sample, all created by popular local restaurants. However, when we got there at 11.30 there was already nowhere to park and long queues snaking away from the most popular stands. As we waited in traffic we heard announcements that several of the most tasty-looking burgers had sold out. So without even getting out of the car we turned around and went to a restaurant attached to a micro-brewery for lunch instead. I had a lovely mushroom and shrimp risotto and a delicious glass of their own pale ale, so I really don't think I missed out on anything :-)

After lunch we continued our drive through the mountains. The photo above shows a tree heavy with persimmons in the foreground, and persimmons hanging from above a window to dry, both common sights at this time of year.

We headed to H's grandparents' house but there was no-one home so we went to a nearby park to run around for a while (cue obligatory cute shot of K).

(And another one just for good measure)

Back home again I headed out in the evening to celebrate Heidi's birthday at Gul's new restaurant (where Fran Fran used to be, for those who know), with a big buffet of lovely Pakistani food and even some left-overs to bring home for H ;-), followed by a bit of karaoke of course.

Sunday was just as busy for me - in the morning we made a quick appearance at the local community centre's 'festival', a bit like a parish show in the UK. I have just started an English class there and I am of course a very visible member of the community so I knew it would be noticed, and noted, if I didn't go! I spent an hour wandering around the flower arrangements, matched sweet potatoes and various handicrafts, bought some cheap stuff I didn't need from the bazaar and ate some festival food. After that it was time to go again, as I was working all afternoon in Matsue (helping at a children's English party/presentation).

And last night, after K finally went to sleep, I lay on the sofa and watched TV....

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