Friday, 28 August 2009

Water baby

Our summer holiday baby swimming class has come to an end. K and I really enjoyed playing in the water each week. He really does love the water and didn't mind being splashed, having water poured over him or even going completely under the water. Maybe when he's older he'll take proper swimming lessons but I'm glad I had the chance to have fun in the pool with him and enjoy K enjoying himself.

These photos are not very good because they were taken through the rather dirty glass separating the pool and the viewing area, but I hope you can see that K had fun. This next photo is particularly bad but if you look closely you'll see K laughing like a maniac...

We splashed, jumped and swirled around in the water. The little ones stood on the side of the pool, held their mummies' hands and jumped in. At the end of each session they played freely with toys in a very shallow area. K loved it all, although he looks rather serious here (look at that big tummy!):

Finally he spotted Daddy...

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