Thursday, 20 August 2009

My room

When we had our house built a couple of years ago (is it really that long ago?!), I had a little room made just for me. At the time I was teaching part-time at 3 different places but didn't have a desk, or even a shelf, at any of them so I wanted somewhere at home to plan lessons, mark, keep books and files and so on. Throughout the building process everyone assumed that the 'office' was for The Man of the House, but why would H need a desk at home? He has one at work...

My desk and shelves only really take up about half the room and, until now, the rest of the space has just been a dumping ground for stuff. So, after a mere 2 years, I am finally trying to make better use of the room. Here's what you see from the doorway:

And from the other corner at that end:

Do you recognise the monkey keeping my dictionaries company on the bookshelf? She was part of the wonderful bag of goodies I got from Sarah in the monkey swap.

I've pretty much sorted out the desk and shelves at that end now - look! Nothing on the desk or the drawers next to it! I'm quite pleased with myself.... Apart from those boxes in the foreground of course. And if we look at the photo taken from the window end:

Yes, several more boxes, as well as a little assistant (but he can stay). But believe me, this already is an improvement on what it was! Once those boxes have been sorted out then that corner will become my little craft area. I'm going to put a table there so that I can leave my sewing machine set up all the time and get some drawers so that all my craft stuff will be in one place and I'll know exactly where everything is.

Well, that's the theory anyway...

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  1. Its good to see that your room name sign has survived many years of travelling and moving houses.