Friday, 14 August 2009

The Very Busy Spider

Yesterday afternoon, not long after I wrote the previous post, the delivery man brought The Very Busy Spider (yes, you caught me, I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it to be published this morning, in an attempt to spread out my posts a little...).

I opened it with K and H in the evening and K grabbed it and had me read it to him right away! I think it's safe to say that he remembers the book and still loves it - when we came downstairs this morning the first thing he did (before a nappy change and drink) was get the book from the shelf, sit down and 'read' it. He hung on to it during his nappy change, picked it up again straight after breakfast and has been spotted carrying it around several times this morning.

The edition we bought is the small-sized, board book which doesn't have the end papers that the book from the library has. K keeps trying to find the 'missing' page at the end, which had a little picture of the spider on it. I'm really glad that we found this book at the library because it wasn't one that I knew and I would have missed out on K enjoying it so much....

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  1. Like father, like son, only spiders and not beetles!!