Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Demolition, done.

Actually the demolition work next door was all finished a few weeks ago, but I'm only now getting round to showing you. The house itself was knocked down and cleared away in just a couple of days...

Adding extra earth and levelling the site took longer. K loved watching it all, every step of the way...
We can now see straight out to the road from our kitchen and dining area and K still enjoys standing by the window and watching the traffic. Last week they came and moved an electric pole in the middle of the site's road-side, which entertained K for another hour or so.

Notice anything strange about the digger driver in this next photo?

Have a closer look...

When the men were packing up on the last day, they asked if K would like to ride on the digger. I imagined just sitting in the driver's seat, but the guy had him pushing and pulling the levers to go forwards and backwards, spinning around, tilting the bucket, blowing the horn... K looked very serious at the time but was grinning for the rest of the day and spent several days telling anyone who would listen 'K drive digger!'

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