Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Over the last week...

... I finally sent off the last of the Christmas cards. They're going to be terribly late but, seeing as most of them are going to the UK, I'm going to blame the bad weather there for the delay :-)

... the last of the Christmas present shopping was done. Yeah for late-night shopping at Jusco without K!

... the 3 of us went to K's pre-school Christmas party on Saturday, and then went to look at Christmas lights afterwards.

... I helped out at a workshop for medical interpreting on Sunday, playing the role of a pregnant woman. Not too much of a stretch for me at the moment.

... all my classes for this year have been finished, apart from a private lesson next Tuesday which just consists of having a cup of tea and chatting.

... I finally finished that dinosaur soft toy last night, for K tomorrow. It's not very well-made, but I'm hoping he'll like it anyway.

... over 60 cookies were baked, some to give to H's parents as a little present and the rest for us over the holidays.

... K has been getting more and more excited about Christmas, telling H that he wants a 'Maisy doll' from 'Farmer Christmas'.

Today's plan is to do a bit more baking and food preparation for tomorrow, take those cookies over to H's parents and watch a Christmassy film. Merry Christmas everyone!

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