Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Wrap-up

How was your Christmas? I hope you had a relaxing time with friends, family, lots of lovely presents and yummy things to eat.

We had Lisa and Vivian here for lunch on Christmas Day, and Lisa stayed for a few board games too. In the evening H's parents came over for tea, and we had a couple of nice Skype chats with my family too.

Of course, there were presents too. K was very pleased to get his 'Maisy doll', and he has also been enjoying doing his new puzzle, riding his hobby horse, and undressing his baby doll. Both K and H have been wearing their new dressing gowns too - over their clothes, in the daytime...

My best present was, unusually, from H (sorry H). I always covet those sets of perfume miniatures you find in duty free shops, and H remembered that and gave me a set of Dior scents! I assumed he got it online, but H said no. Then the penny dropped; he bought it at the airport in Paris on his way back from the UK in August! Thank you H :-)

In the days leading up to Christmas I was busy in the kitchen, making quiche, sausage rolls, cookies and desserts. We're still eating some of those things now, but I'm not complaining. It's been lovely to have a supply of tasty things ready to eat, with no cooking required. Today K and I had the last of the turkey in sandwiches for lunch, and the bones have been cooked down in readiness for a soup tomorrow.

It was great that Christmas Day fell on a Saturday this year, as H was home and we could also have a proper Boxing Day on Sunday too: eating leftovers, playing with new toys and lazing about watching TV. There won't be much of that last one going on for the time being though as our TV, which has been threatening to stop working for a while now, has completely given up. It looks like we may be hitting the electrical stores in the January sales... It's rather pathetic that we feel that we need a TV. Still, when I told a friend about it today, he was incredulous that we only had the one set in the house!

H was at work as usual yesterday and today but from tomorrow, Wednesday, he's off for his New Year holidays. It always seems funny to me - my big winter holiday preparation and cooking rush is over now but everyone else around here is just getting started on theirs. New Year is the biggest holiday of the year here, but nothing really seems to happen... We'll spend New Year's Day at H's parents place but, other than that, we have nothing planned for the next week. I'm hoping to strike a good balance between getting some useful things done (so that I don't feel guilty and time-wasting) and having fun (so that I feel like I've had a holiday). Catching up with my blog a bit is one of the things on the to-do list!

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