Saturday, 6 November 2010


Today the city library held its annual giveaway of old books. Anyone could just show up and help themselves to as many as they wanted. I was working this morning but H and K went along and came home with all this:

The library doesn't have many books in English but H managed to find a few to keep me entertained. He also got a lot of travel guides, both for Japan and overseas. If you're planning a trip to Bhutan, Poland or Mongolia, let me know. They also found lots of nice books for K, mainly picture books of animals and vehicles. I have no idea why H, the virtual tee-totaller, brought home 'The Best Bourbon' though...

Later in the day I walked over to the supermarket, passed a neighbour's garden on the way back and came home with these (as in 'she gave them to me', not 'I stole them'):

Earlier in the week K and I went for a little walk and met a man who knows H's dad (which means anyone you're likely to meet within walking distance from here really). He was tending his vegetable plot and sent us home with a big bag of spinach and another of shungiku, young chrysanthemum leaves.

Yay for freebies!

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