Monday, 1 November 2010

Baby blankets

When I was expecting K, I crocheted a blanket for him. Well, to be honest, I made all the squares while I was pregnant, started sewing them together when I was in the hospital and finally got it all finished when K was almost 2 months old. There's even photographic evidence; K at 6 weeks old, enjoying his bouncy chair and his view of the garden, while I crochet...

I thought I'd taken a photo of the completed blanket but I suppose, in those pre-blog days, it never occurred to me that I'd want a picture of a blanket! Here it is in action though, when K was 2 months old. Look how little he is!

The blanket has had a lot of use and now I'd like to make one for the new baby. This time though, I'm determined to get it finished before the baby arrives! I realise that this means that I should probably have called in at the wool shop on my way home from that first doctor's visit. I thought about just making all the white squares first and then doing the coloured ones later, when I know if it's a boy or a girl, but then I got scared that they wouldn't have the same wool anymore. So at the weekend I bought some white and yellow wool and managed to find the pattern I used 3 years ago (I'm quite proud of that).

I now have 5 calendar months until baby is due to arrive. Any bets on when the blanket will be finished?

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