Friday, 7 May 2010

This and that

How was your week? Was it Golden?

Ours was, not least because we had fantastic weather all week - warm and sunny with only occasional gale-force winds (most notably when trying to light the barbecue...).

I managed to do just about everything on my little list of Golden Goals (more on that later, when I've edited some photos), but now that we're back to the normal routine I've thought of several things that should have been on the list: it's Mother's Day here on Sunday and H's birthday on Monday and so far I have done nothing for either of them...

For now, that picture of K and I on Wednesday, which was Boys' Day. If you're interested in the decorations, have a look at this post which I wrote last year :-)

And finally, a little K anecdote because you can never have too many of those, right?

He has a lovely book of photos of various animals which we've been looking at together recently. One day, K was enjoying 'naming' the animals (usually by their noises) and pointing to animals when I named them. Then he started pointing to the book excitedly and saying 'Mama! Mama!' So, which animal do you think he was identifying with me?

The hippo. Fantastic.

And there's even a follow-up. A few days later K was looking at more books and started saying 'Dada! Dada!', again pointing excitedly. Ha ha! thought I, now H will get the insulting labeling treatment. So, what was K identifying with his Daddy?

A firefighter. How come H gets the cool one and I get, well, a hippo?

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