Friday, 23 April 2010

Neglecting my online duties

Yet another week has passed by with no blogging, no updating of the shop and, worst of all, no sorting of digital photos...

One reason for the lack of online activity was an increase in offline activity - while Nicole was staying with us we had visits from Noriyuki and from Miho; Ritsuko, Tomonori and Ren-kun came over for dinner; and there was a barbecue with The Usual Gang last Sunday. I've also been busy this week with a local TV interview and its preparation, a bit of weeding here and there, and rearranging the furniture to prevent K destroying all the CDs/making international phone calls/climbing to the top of the chest of drawers...

On the other hand, laziness has been a cause too. I've been failing to get up before K most days, therefore losing that precious slot of computer time dedicated to emailing and photo sorting. From March 1st until last Friday I spent 15 minutes a day on photos, doubling up the following day if I missed one. But since Saturday I've done nothing on it at all... The thought of getting a backlog on my backlog-busting is quite depressing, and liable to put me off the whole thing so I have decided to grant a retrospective one week holiday and start afresh tomorrow.

Regular programming has been resumed!

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