Monday, 28 December 2009

A Very Merry Christmas...

... was had in the monkey household.

Things really started to get festive last Wednesday, a public holiday here. I spent most of the day baking - a couple of quiches, some sausage rolls, mini chocolate muffins and some chocolate and nut cookies. In the evening we went to Heidi and Steve's for a lovely potluck dinner (armed with one of the quiches, some potato salad and a bottle of wine). H and K came home early while I stayed until late and then walked home.

Christmas Eve brought last minute errands in the morning, and our friend Katherine in the afternoon. H came home early too and we all had a big nabe dinner together.

After breakfast and turkey preparation on Christmas Day, we revealed the presents under the tree! K is not really big enough to know about Christmas yet, but he knows what to do with presents...

He got lots of lovely presents, especially books, DVDs and puzzles - 3 of his favourite things.

Unfortunately H's cousin, who was planning to join us for the day, wasn't feeling well and didn't come. On the other hand, we had the welcome addition of Lisa! After most of the presents had been opened, we sat down to lunch...

... followed by dessert. Yes, I made the apple pie. No, I didn't make the cake.

And what would Christmas be without crackers? Thanks Mum for sending them :-)
I nearly left them in the utility room all day, but luckily remembered them between courses...

After our lovely long lunch, K had a nap and H and Katherine went off to meet Alice, Katherine's friend who was arriving from the UK! Sadly her luggage did not arrive with her..

There were still a few more presents to be opened....

... and then it was time for tea - the rest of all my baked goodies and a big bowl of salad.

We spent the evening chatting, playing with our presents and finishing off the lunchtime wine. Festivities continued the next day too, but more about that later. For now, I'll just say that it was the best Christmas I've had in Japan, filled with family, friends and lots of yummy food.

I hope your Christmas was just as lovely!

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