Monday, 14 December 2009

Fake Christmas

Last weekend was dubbed Fake Christmas by H.

On Friday night I went to English School's Christmas Party, and even managed to make some sausage rolls to add to the table there. It was a really good night, even though I was driving and could only smell the mulled wine. It smelled really good...

Saturday morning was baking time. I made about 60 cookies, ready for the party yesterday, and completely forgot to photograph them. And now there is exactly one left...

In the afternoon we tidied and cleaned up, and then put up the Christmas decorations. H's brother popped in with a present for K, and joined in the fun for a while. Once K was in bed H and I watched Stardust (his birthday present to me) by Christmas tree light - it really did feel like Christmas Eve.

Which made yesterday Fake Christmas Day - largely due to this beauty:

Friends came round from 12 onwards, with the last guests leaving around 6pm. People came and went all afternoon but we think we had 33 visitors altogether. Here's K and Vivian:

As usual, I did most of the kitchen-based, pre-party preparation but, also as usual, H worked hard during the party and did most of the clearing up. He was also chief turkey carver:

As well as turkey and stuffing, we made roast potatoes, gravy, those cookies and hot spiced apple juice. Everyone brought food or drink to contribute and we had a great spread, with everything from sushi and tom yang kun to mashed potatoes and chocolate brownies. And don't forget the KFC, without which it just wouldn't be Christmas in Japan!

Some people did their cooking or finishing touches once they got here, and the kitchen was obviously the place to be (isn't it always?). Here's Lisa and the English School Boys:

Meanwhile Emerson was doing an impression of K. Or K was doing an impression of Emerson. I'm not sure which...

After all that excitement, K and I are having a quiet day at home today, with turkey and stuffing sandwiches for lunch while the turkey bones are simmering away into a lovely stock. In other words, Fake Boxing Day.

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