Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

...and I'm finally starting to feel organised!

Yet again another week has slipped by when I wasn't looking, and nothing has been added to the blog. Sorry. In my free time lately I have mainly been sewing, but it was all for Christmas presents so I won't post the details yet just in case any of the recipients happen to be looking...

The shopping is all done now, apart from a bit of basic grocery stuff; cards have been sent; presents have been completed and the turkey is defrosting in the fridge.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a public holiday here as it is the Emperor's birthday, so H has the day off. Christmas Day is a normal working day here for most people but H is taking the day off because he worked last Sunday. Then he'll have one day at work next week, Monday, before having the rest of the week off for New Years, and then all will be back to normal on 4th January.

We're planning a Proper Christmas Day for Friday, with H's cousin Shizuka, our friend Katherine who arrives on Christmas Eve, and her friend who arrives here on Christmas Day afternoon. We also have a potluck party to go to tomorrow night and another one in the day time on Saturday, so tomorrow's main jobs will be baking and cleaning. Since I'll be baking I'm hoping to fob the cleaning off onto H....

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