Monday, 26 October 2009

Where did last week go?

No, really, what happened to it?

Things I intended to do, but didn't: blog (obviously...), put more fabric in the shop, make a monkey or two for the shop, finish a custom order, plant some bulbs (yes Mum, the very ones we bought about a month ago...), take K to the play centre...

On the other hand, I did do a few things outside of the regular routine. I played at being waitress again for Vivian's students (at Giardinos!), and this time K came too and charmed them all. I got to see Ted for the first time in over 3 years and meet his wife Miki. I had fun celebrating Lisa's birthday at her favourite izakaya (Happy Birthday Lisa!). And I got ready for a new English class I'm starting tomorrow.

So the to-do list carries over to this week. Mind you, I'm already doing better than last week - we went to the play centre today, I had a nice Skype chat with Nicole, the custom order is almost finished and hey look! I wrote a blog post!

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  1. Talking of monkeys, the twins loved theirs and Rob and Georgie were really interested in them. You are doing a good job.