Sunday, 11 October 2009

K's check-up

On Wednesday K had his 18 month check-up. He weighed in at 11.84 kg and measured 83.6 cm, putting him towards the top end of the '94% of children are in this range' part of the graph. His head measurement though (50.6 cm) was off the scale, putting him in the 'I've got a big head just like my dad' category! H claims that this means lots of brains, while I'm just pleased that K's head was more average sized when I gave birth to him....

We were able to give the 'correct' answers to most of the questions regarding K's daily routine and development, except for his speech. He doesn't yet produce any meaningful words but he understands a lot and I'm not concerned, especially as he is growing up in a bilingual environment. I suspect K's speech may develop in the same way as his walking - nothing for ages and then suddenly all systems go!

There were also a lot of questions about K's favourite activities, although unfortunately not 'Does he enjoy sliding round in a box pulled by his grandmother?' or 'Does he like looking at photos taken on a digital camera?'. There were 2 questions that surprised me, as it had never occured to me to offer them yet: 'Does he climb on a climbing frame?' and 'Does he use scissors?'. Would you expect an 18 month old to be doing those things? H reckons they were trick questions and if we had answered 'yes' we would have been scolded as reckless parents.... But I suppose, with careful supervision and suitable tools, a child can use scissors from quite a young age.

What do you think?

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