Saturday, 10 October 2009

Here three weeks ago, gone on Wednesday

Mum and Dad are safely back in the UK now, after almost three weeks here with us. The time of course flew by, but we did manage to do quite a few things together: a long weekend in Himeji, day trips to the bird park and flower park, a barbecue here with friends and a few meals out with friends too.

We also went to the beach several times and Dad got to swim in the sea, despite the shock of the locals ('but it's autumn!'). Mum and Dad also got their DIY hats on and stained the woodwork on the outside of the house as well as working in the garden. And of course time was spent reading, relaxing, browsing the shops and, most importantly, playing with K.

H and I managed to sort out most of our Christmas presents for people in the UK so that Mum and Dad could kindly transport them back for us. I also got the chance to slip out by myself and have a haircut and do some shopping, as well as a couple of grandparent-sponsored lie-ins. H and I got to spend some toddler-free time together too (a real rareity) with lunch and a film one day and an evening out another.

But now it's back to the usual routine..... University classes started again a couple of weeks ago and I'm going to be starting a new class at a local community centre soon. The main thing I have to do is catch up with this blog, and update my shop! I've got lots of lovely fabrics upstairs waiting to be photographed and listed in the shop. My stock of sock monkeys has suddenly gone from 3 custom orders and 2 in general stock to zero in stock and 2 requests so I'd better get on with some of them too! Not to mention going through all the photos we've taken recently...

Anyway, it's nice to be back! No pictures in today's post I'm afraid but stay tuned...

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