Saturday, 28 May 2011

These are a few of his favourite things...

This afternoon I was thinking about what we should take to the UK, and so I asked K what his favourite toy was, just in case we needed to pack it. He replied that his favourites were his 'new Lego' and his flying monkey (a fantastic present from Nicole which terrified him when he first had it but is now super-popular). Then, just for fun, I asked him about a few more of his favourites...

song? the alphabet song

colour? indigo

number? (answer one) one hundred thousand ten plus nine; (answer two) zero

letter? j

fruit? kiwi

food? carrot

animal? giraffe

place? hot air balloon (??)

character from Bob the Builder? Scoop

character from Thomas the Tank Engine? 'I don't know'

By now I was running out of questions, but he was keen to answer more, so I sunk to...

person? Mummy

Yeah! The correct answer ;-) Then K prompted me to ask him who his favourite Japanese person was, to which he replied 'Daddy'. Ahhh.

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