Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Another fence post

After several days work by H, and over 16 litres of wood stain, the fence has gone from this...

via this...

to this! Well done H.

You can really see how the garden has changed over the last month or so too. The lawn has greened up and all the plants are full of leaves, even the ones I thought might have been dead... The broom in the corner has grown tremendously and is now covered in yellow flowers, while the 2 roses from Tim (behind K in the photo above) are blooming really well.

If you're really sharp-eyed you may have noticed the rice fields full of water in the background. All the rice has been planted now, and the paddies look lovely; shimmering water with a subtle green sheen from the seedlings. I forgot to take a photo of the other end of the garden, so you'll just have to imagine the big tree in full leaf now. We didn't bother to plant any vegetables this year seeing as we won't be here to eat them, but we do have some strawberry plants and they are fruiting nicely now.

And here is K enjoying the garden with his new bubble gun, which he is ever so slightly scared of...

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