Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Look what I found!

Yes, more of this adorable Little Red Riding Hood fabric! I had already bought all that was available in this city and in the next one and it all sold out from my shop immediately. My new thought now, whenever I go to a different city, is 'I wonder if they've got any of that fabric...', and this time they did! I have put one metre (4 fat quarters) for sale in my shop here but I actually have 5 metres (all they had) so if you would like more just get in touch!

In other shop news I have added some more fat quarter sets today - this time, bright cherry blossoms on red and blue or yellow and green backgrounds. I've also recently added some super-cute owl print fabric in red or blue, glittery hearts on a black background, cute little cats about town and more!

Finally, an advance warning! I will be closing the shop for the month of August to go to the UK with K so, if you need some cute Japanese fabric for your summer sewing, get your orders in soon! Thank you :-)

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