Thursday, 24 September 2009

Treasure haul

When Mum and Dad arrived last week, they did so with a Very Large Suitcase, as well as a normal suitcase and a couple of carry-on bags. Their own personal luggage was minimal; it was mainly presents! Over a period of several days Mum has been bringing out all manner of goodies for us all. For me personally there was a book on sock creatures and some very cute socks to make them with, odds and ends I wanted from the UK (OXO cubes, deodorant, teabags...) and, most excitingly of all, this:

What an amazing charity shop/thrift store find! It's a stationery case and it just about fit into (and completely filled) one carry-on bag. Mum knows that I love all those chests with tiny drawers that you get, apocathary chests and so on, and suspected that I might like this. And she was very right! Here's what you see when you open the doors:

And then the top part hinges up and there's a little drawer at the bottom, plus a secret compartment down the back of the whole case. Except now I've told you all so I suppose it's not really a secret anymore...

Isn't it great? Thank you so much Mum and Dad, and thank you for carrying it half way around the world to me!

Now, you don't think they would forget their one and only grandchild in all this lovely loot-sharing do you? Stay tuned for some more great finds!


  1. That is a nifty gift! I bet you can find all kind of goodies to hide away in there.

    I just read that you are British and living in Japan. Wow, what an adventure! OMG, I bet there's awesome stationery in Japan (because I'm thinking that Japanese paper is the best paper around).

    Have a great day.

  2. Oh yes, there's good stationery! Everything from cutesy Japanese goodies (insert blatant plug for my Etsy shop here) to beautiful traditional paper. The problem is I always feel afraid to use in in case I spoil it...

    Thanks for commenting and following my blog!