Friday, 18 September 2009

They're here!

Mum and Dad are here! They arrived safely yesterday, though not on the bus I was expecting them on, which had me going for a while... At the moment they, and K, are all still sleeping peacefully.

I'm not sure if Mum and Dad being here will mean more time to blog and work on my shop because they'll be able to help with K, or less time because I'll be spending it with them. I suppose we'll all see over the next few weeks...

We don't really have many things planned yet for their stay, apart from a few days in Himeji next weekend. I'm also hoping to have a few day-trips to places nearby, have a barbecue at home with some friends, take Dad to the beach to have a swim and sneak out without K to have a haircut! The main activity though will of course be playing with K :-)

Just for fun I thought I'd better add a photo. Here's K doing a bit of shopping:

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