Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer holiday diary - part 2

August 1st: Torrential rain, not for the first time this summer.

August 2nd: T proudly shows off a puzzle he has done.

August 3rd: K having fun in Vicky's hammock. Yes, we went to Hokkaido! Just me and K...

August 4th: Yoshi and K at the Air Show in Chitose.

August 5th: One of the many tree houses at Ecorin Mura.

August 6th: I loved seeing farm buildings, fields and full-size machinery as we drove about - clearly my father's daughter!

August 7th: Riding the Portliner monorail back into central Kobe on our way home again.

August 8th: Local Daisen beer, a present from Katherine.

August 9th: Tigger and friend having fun in The World's Smallest Paddling Pool.

August 10th: H meeting a starfish at the temporary aquarium at Yumeminato Tower.

August 11th: Impromptu barbecue in the back garden after Lisa cancelled hers.

August 12th: Writing, drawing and toilet roll binoculars.

August 13th: I secretly made dinosaur eggs to hide in the garden.

August 14th: Dinosaur day! The boys hunted eggs, made a mini dino world and later did some paper craft.

August 15th: Lanterns, drumming and lots of dancing at out local festival for O-Bon.

August 16th - Another day out in Daisen. Same itinerary as before (park, museum, lake) but this time with Lisa too!

August 17th - I actually managed to make a summer dress in time for this summer!

August 18th - The new water slide, a gift from the very generous Liz. After watching the boys for a few minutes, H and I soon got changed and joined in the fun too!

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