Friday, 21 June 2013

Still here

The longer I stay away from here, the harder it is to know what to write when I come back.

All is well here, but I have been suffering from a long bout of can't-be-bothered-itis. Now that T has stopped napping and the boys have both started getting up earlier each morning, my blogging opportunities have dwindled. At night I can't seem to muster the required energy and often fall asleep on the sofa watching TV, or with K when I put him to bed. Why am I more tired nowadays then when I had a newborn in the house?

I don't want to give up on the blog though. Recently I looked back at what was going on when K was the age that T is now, and I felt quite guilty that I haven't been keeping a similar record of T. So, for today, a very brief and photo-less summary of what's been going on since (eek!) Golden Week...

  • The Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese convention in Kyoto. I had a truly wonderful time which deserves a post of its own really...
  • Our neighbourhood Sports Day, and a mini Sports Day at K's kindergarten, held in a local gym due to rain.
  • K started group piano lessons, for kindergarten children and their parents. It's pretty slow going regarding actually Learning To Play The Piano, but they also sing songs, play rhythm games and so on. He's enjoying it and can identify notes by ear really well. I, meanwhile, used to notes with letter names, am still struggling to remember which 'do, re, mi' note is which...
  • Birthday party at Yukiko's house, with K.
  • 2 games nights with the usual gang :-)
  • Beer festival with Lisa - beer, entertainment, good company (sometimes providing the entertainment...) and mild sunburn.
  • Father's Day - some simple crafts, lunch out and home-cooked dinner, presents of Coke and snacks.
  • Kindergarten Mothers' Association lunch, with T also in attendance. At the risk of tempting fate, I do think it's getting slightly easier to take him out and about. I also took him to an event at K's kindergarten for pre-pre-schoolers, and he was remarkably quiet and well-behaved. Literally 'remarkably', as several mothers commented that he was 'different from usual' that day...
  • Festival at our local temple to commemorate the introduction of sweet potatoes into the area in a time of poor rice harvests, and the man responsible.
Looking at the list, and at the Golden Week post below, many of these are annual things which have popped up on the blog before. Hope I'm not boring you too much...

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