Sunday, 14 April 2013

March round-up

A little collection of things from last month, otherwise at risk of slipping through the blogging net...

H made a special 'prince and princess' meal for Hina Matsuri (the Doll Festival)

K enjoying his new Junior Monopoly

Lately T likes to hide in the living room cupboard and close the door behind him...

At our local mother-and-toddler group

We've been doing sorting activities lately

While T was at nursery, K and I made Chuggington models

At the park

K's robot costume, using MakeDo he got for his birthday

After our lunch at Agni, the boys enjoyed exploring the fake, indoor jungle

And in non-photographed events, we watched Mary Poppins, had a visit from Bud and Kyoko, K and I went to a performance of 'The Musicians of Bremen' and I skived yoga a lot...

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  1. Love all the photos
    Happy family