Thursday, 14 March 2013


I've been gradually decluttering the house, sorting out clothes, books and a wide variety of stuff that I no longer need. Actually, much of it is stuff that I never really needed in the first place but we do have a tendency to accept other people's cast-offs and freebies. Like someone being offered an unwanted dog in danger of being put down, H and I are both suckers for things which 'will be thrown away if you don't take it'.

So last Sunday K and I loaded up the car and went off to a flea market. I'd had a booth once before at this particular flea market, and sold quite a lot. This time I had even more stuff, and it was quite a challenge to get it all set up before the waiting hordes of bargain-hunters were allowed in.

And then the doors were opened.

And 3 people wandered in.

Sadly, that set the pace for the day. There were very few customers, and most of what I did sell was to other stall-holders. I made enough to pay for the pitch, plus about enough for the pizza we ordered for dinner that night. My main aim though was not to make money but to get rid of the stuff! It was quite disappointing to have to load it all back up into the car again, and then to find space for it at home. I think I'll try again at one more flea market, and then I'll just give up and give it away to anyone who'll take it.

Looking on the bright side, I had a lovely day with K. I wasn't sure about taking him with me, but he was really well-behaved. It helped that the stall opposite ours was being run by the mum of one of K's classmates! She had all 3 of her daughters with her (plus her husband, who helped me pack up my stuff at the end), and K had great fun playing with them. Several stalls (including mine) had 'please help yourself' boxes, and the children were very pleased with the treasures they managed to acquire for free. K also had 100 yen to spend as he liked, and was very proud of the toy dinosaur he bought All By Himself. Overall, a fun day out.

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