Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Recently I found a new-to-me blog, Home Life Simplified, and I am just in time to join in with a new project there, Listmania. You love lists too, right? I love lists.

I'm aiming to link up each week, and hope that it'll help me to blog more. Oh, and I'm also doing it because it'll be fun (for me, at any rate).

I'm a bit late for the first one, but here goes...

Currently I am:

Reading: The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood, the January edition of Reader's Digest (UK) and a free copy of Heat magazine that I got at the airport. Although I hardly know who any of the 'celebrities' in it are...

Listening to: the peace and quiet of our living room once the boys are asleep. The air-conditioner is whirring, the kettle is about to boil, and H is clicking his mouse (that's not a euphemism)...

Laughing at: T's sense of humour. He likes to deliberately get it wrong when you ask him to touch his head/ears/nose/whatever, and to try every hole in the shape-sorter (murmuring 'no, no') until finally choosing the right one (yes!). The other day, in the car, he pointed to a random man walking down the street and called 'Daddy! Daddy!' I played along, asking 'Is that Daddy?' He looked at me as if I was a fool, and dead-panned 'No'.

Swooning over: my new diary. I realise that's pretty pathetic, but I love choosing my new diary for the year, and have strict likes/dislikes; this particular one is perfect.

Planning: lots of decluttering, some classes and a collection 'party' to gather clothes to send to tsunami survivors.

Eating lots of: chocolate from Christmas. When I was a child, I once eeked it out until Easter.

Feeling: pleased that I did my first walk/jog today and that it wasn't too strenuous.

Discovering: that I really do feel better if I go to bed earlier.

Looking at: a big pile of catalogues, aiming to at least flick thorough them before they expire at the end of February. And, in the daytime, snow-capped Mount Daisen.

Wearing: jeans, 2 pairs of socks, slippers, black T-shirt, dark red checked shirt, beige pullover and grey zip-up hoodie. It's pretty cold here, you know.

Cooking: whatever Yoshikei delivers to me. Tonight it was stir-fried pork and vegetables, and potato salad.

Wondering: if I'll be able to make it to the last 3 university sessions without having to face snow.

Trying out: waffle recipes, after finally buying a new sandwich toaster with waffle plates too. Got a good recipe? Let me know.

That's it! If you like this kind of thing, you can find links to what other people wrote for this here.


  1. So nice to meet you - we are going to get along fabulously - heaps in common!

    what diary did you get - i LOVE them!!

    I had a mouth full of water when i read " H is clicking his mouse (that's not a euphemism)..." and had to hold it in so i did not spit it on my laptop LOL

    i am looking for a waffle maker right now - have you checked pinterest for good recipes - so many kinds of waffles you can make - yum

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Deb! You're going to be busy reading everyone's posts each week...

      I only recently found your blog and I Love It. Being somewhat obsessive, and loath to miss out on anything, I am now working my way through your archive. Lots of great stuff!

      Ah, the diary... I was going to write more in the post but didn't want to bore people. Seeing as you asked though... It's an old-school, made-of-paper, write-in-with-a-pen kind of thing :-) Month to a view pages followed by week on the left, notes on the right - perfect for compulsive to-do lists. All Japanese holidays listed, plus 'lucky' and 'unlucky' days as well as major overseas holidays. 2 ribbon bookmark thingys. A separate notebook inside the back cover. And so on!

      Anyway glad I raised a smile with " H is clicking his mouse (that's not a euphemism)...". I think we will indeed get on well...

  2. I love linkies like this - thanks for joining in !!!
    Wow - what I would give to be cold - it is so hot over here.
    HAve a great weekend !

    1. Thanks for popping in and commenting!
      I don't mind the weather being cold, but when it's cold indoors too I am not happy...
      Still, in 5 or 6 months time I'll be here grumbling about the heat instead :-)

  3. Hi Diane, I am looking forward to reading more about you. Rae xx

  4. Thanks Rae, nice to have you here!