Monday, 17 September 2012

September is the new January

January never really strikes me as the best time to make resolutions. I know, I know, starting the new year as you mean to go on and all that, but I never feel great enthusiasm to make big changes then. It's cold, dark and dismal; all the excitement of Christmas has faded and there's nothing really to look forward to until spring. It makes me feel more like hibernating than improving my life.

September though? Much more like it. New school year (or back to school after the summer holidays, at least), a change towards more comfortable, able-to-do-stuff weather, and lots of things to look forward to and prepare for (Hallowe'en, my birthday and, dare I say it already, Christmas!).

The other day at yoga, I took the opportunity to run through my to-do list and plans for the next few months in my mind. Yes, I realise that that time was supposed to be for clearing the mind and relaxing, but I need to make the most of any uninterrupted thinking time.

K is back at kindergarten now, and my university classes start again soon. I'm in the middle of re-organising the whole house and am pleased with how it's going so far. We're planning to go to the UK for Christmas and need to look into flights soon I think. I want to get thinking about Hallowe'en costumes in plenty of time, and I want to plan something for my birthday. I'm thinking about another clothes swap party in the autumn, and maybe a regular (once a month?) games night. I want to carve out a little time each day for the piano, choosing photos for a 2012 family yearbook, and a few sit-ups :-)

Today was a public holiday. Did I work on any of those things?

Or did I decide to learn to knit (again)?

Mum has tried to teach me several times and I have, with much assistance from her, made a couple of things over the years but I've never felt confident or managed anything by myself. I'm not really sure how much I want to wear, say, sweaters that I have knitted myself, but I feel like I want to be able to knit. Or maybe I just really, really wanted to try one of the Craftsy courses...

So, I've signed up for this beginners class, and got some needles and wool. Wish me luck!

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