Friday, 27 July 2012

It's been a busy day

4am - Wake up in K's bed, fully dressed and with contact lenses still in. Get up, get ready for bed, go back to bed.

6am - Get up. Do the things should have done last night instead of falling asleep with K - cook rice, pack T's nursery bag (including swimming kit) and K's 3 kindergarten bags (including swimming kit). Sort out their clothes for the day, have breakfast, take a shower.

7.30 - H, K and T get up. Make their breakfasts (only a matter of toasting muffins and cutting up fruit, but still...). Make K's lunch, largely based on last night's leftovers efficient forward planning. H mentions that the boys will need plain, non-brightly-coloured clothes for tomorrow's memorial service for his grandfather. Check boys' clothes. Distinct lack of plain, non-brightly-coloured stuff. Get K and T dressed, brush teeth, print out some papers for today's classes, have a cup of tea.

8.45 - In the car. Drop K at kindergarten and T at nursery, getting home at a personal best of...

9.15 - Finish getting ready for class, send a few emails, empty dishwasher. Boil kettle for more tea. Proceed to forget about said boiled water until just before it's time to go.

9.57 - Waiting outside Nishimatsuya (opens at 10) to buy plain, non-brightly-coloured shirt for T.

10.06 - Back in the car. Off to Matsue.

11.00 - Arrive at the university. Meet Carmella for child-free, gossip-filled, grown-up early lunch.

12.30 - Back on campus. Last minute prep and then 2 90 minute classes.

4.00 - Second class ends. Back in car, call at fancy lots-of-imported-stuff supermarket for some cheese. End up spending 3,000 yen. Reach nursery at 4.58 - 2 whole minutes to spare. Brief moment of panic that wallet is empty and cannot pay nursery after excessive unnecessary food shopping. Count random coins in the car - I've got enough!

5.15 - Pick up K, head home. Put away shopping. Hide Dairy Milk bar from fancy supermarket in back of fridge. H comes home, all go to local shrine summer festival for brief visit.

6.15 - Home again. H goes out to work party. Make quick dinner for 3. Field endless questions regarding small islands, why they belong to countries on the other side of the world and how long it would take to reach them.

7.00 - Finish dinner. Mess about on Facebook.

7.20 - K finally finishes dinner. T absolutely covered in tomato-ey sauce. Take him directly to have a shower, leaving K with instructions to go to the toilet and get pyjamas on.

7.35 - Out of shower. K comes to brush teeth. Before getting nappy on, T wees on the bathroom floor, his feet and legs. Back in the shower, with strict instructions to K not to move and risk standing in wee puddle. Nappy on, drop screaming T in playpen (out of way of large percentage of T's dinner still scattered on the floor). Get dressed. Clean up wee, and mysterious puddle of water next to bathroom sink. Finish K's teeth, get T's pyjamas on, give him his 3 different cough medicines. Realise he's done a big poo in his nappy. Try to feel grateful that didn't end up on the bathroom floor too. Change him, brush teeth.

8.00 - Head upstairs with K and T. Breastfeed T while reading about the Olympics to K. K then reads 'Monkey Puzzle' to us. Put T in cot, lie down with K and pretend to sleep. All quiet.

8.45 - T standing and screaming.

9.00 - K asleep. Bring T to lie down with us. Pretend to sleep but can't resist opening eyes and smiling at cute little angel pressing his nose against mine and grinning.

9.20 - Little angel progresses onto pushing his fingers into sleeping brother's eyes. Notably less angelic now. Back in cot, more standing and screaming (T, not me). Curse nursery and their long afternoon naps.

10.00 - Back downstairs after settling T by sitting on the bed reading, with one foot stuck in the cot for him to lie next to. H gets home, sets DVD recorder for Olympic opening ceremony. Clear up tremendous post-dinner mess, unpack The Ridiculous Number of Bags. H washes dishes. Print out Olympic opening ceremony bingo cards. Remember the TV show will be in Japanese. Doh.

10.45 - Cup of tea, computer, write this.

11.40 - Sensible option - go to bed. More likely option - watch The Tudors on YouTube, scavenge for snacks and possibly fall asleep on the sofa.

Good night!


  1. Otsukare sama deshita~ You had quite a day.

    Did you see the olympic opening ceremony Diane? I thought immediately of you and Vicky. You should be so proud. It was AMAZING. Gave me goosebumps a few times just watching and I'm American. Haha. : )

    1. Yup, and I saw the closing ceremony this morning too! There was a lot of *very* British stuff in there that lots of other people might not really get, but I enjoyed it all!