Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Telescope making

K's obsession with planets continues apace, and my challenge is to come up with a variety of planet-themed activities. As always I'm terribly behind in posting about what we've been doing, but here's one from last month that is very simple if you fancy having a go.

Cover a kitchen roll middle (or 2 toilet roll middles taped together) with foil and decorate...

Fasten a piece of blue cellophane over the end with a rubber band and decorate with little star stickers...

Look through your telescope and see the stars! Making a silly face and wearing a necklace made at preschool are optional...

Not strictly a planet-themed activity, but it went down well. Another option would be to use black paper instead of the cellophane and then prick little holes in it with a pin to create 'stars' of light.

And if you have any bright ideas on how to entertain someone who is only interested in planets, do please let me know!

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