Friday, 15 April 2011

2 little monkeys

Little boy, big bed...

...and vice versa.

2 weeks have passed since little T and I came home from hospital. Where has all the time gone? T has already changed so much, and seems to no longer be the sleepy newborn he was a week ago. Last week we went back for a check-up and he was given the thumbs-up for both weight-gain and jaundice.

In general, Mum and Dad have been looking after K while I take care of T, and between us we deal with meals and laundry. Actually I think they have the harder job; T sleeps well and feeds well and doesn't cry much, while K is, well, a 3 year old...

We haven't really done anything much lately, which is what you'd expect I suppose :-) When Mum and Dad have been looking after K, I have had a couple of little outings with T, to English School, the play centre and a few shops. It's been fun to show him off to people; the first comment from those who know us is usually along the lines of 'He looks just like K!'.

The other common reaction is surprise that T is less than 3 weeks old and that we are out and about, as traditionally Japanese women stay at home until their baby is a month old. A lot of women go back and stay at their parents' house from late in their pregnancy until the the baby is a month old, even leaving their husbands behind if it's far away. Nowadays I suppose less people do that, but people are still surprised to see me being *so* active - wait until they hear I was driving a 2 ton truck loaded with wood back from the home centre yesterday...

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