Monday, 27 April 2009

Buttercup Bag

After several weeks of lovely weather, the weekend was wet and windy so the picnic we had planned for Sunday had to be postponed. I did get lots of other things done though: shopping (both boring and fun stuff), a yoga class, an impromtu night out with friends and a bit of sewing.

My latest project, the Buttercup Bag, has been completed!

This super-cute bag was designed by Rae at madebyrae, and she gives the pattern away free here.

It seems to have taken the crafting blog world by storm, and so even I decided to have a go...

I'm sure that for experienced sewers it is very easy to make, but for me it was a nice little challenge: a lining! pleats! a magnetic clasp! And while the end result is far from perfect, I'm very pleased with it. The only real problem with it is not actually my fault. The magnetic clasp is incredibly strong and threatens to pull the bag apart every time I open it. Ever resourceful H to the rescue, who suggested sticking a circle of black felt over one side of the clasp to weaken the magnet.

So I did. Yeah H!

If I make it again I'll use heavier fabric (maybe denim?) or interface it and, after looking at the Fickr pool, set the handle in between the outer and lining. I might skip the button tab altogether too, or just sew a button or two directly onto the bag. Making nice smooth curves there (and, ahem, sewing it onto the bag straight...) were the hardest part and created the most noticable signs that this was not made by an expert, so I think I'll pass next time. Or I suppose I could get better at sewing instead...

Right I'm off to upload these photos to the Buttercup Bag Flickr group, and try to find out how to make nice embedded links in blog posts!

***Yeah! Managed the photo uploading and the link!***

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